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Urine drug testing: Why it's important

Opioid addiction and nonmedical use of prescription opioids has become a significant problem in the United States.Treating patients for pain is a complex issue. Side effects of treating patients with controlled substances can lead to improper use of medication and addiction. Living with pain is difficult and often intolerable for patients putting doctors in a medical legal dilemma. Urine drug testing is used to give confidence to both the physician and the patient to ensure the medical regimen is beneficial.

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Immunoassays are tests that detect drugs (analytes) with an antibody.This test can be performed as point of care (POC) testing or sent to a reference lab. Immunoassays provide quick qualitative results however, there are several limitations. Immunoassay results are not quantified, so low doses of pain medication are often undetected. These tests are non-specific as they detect the drug class and not the specific drug. Other limitations include inaccurate results due to interference of multiple drugs. For these reasons both positive and negative immunoassay urine drug screens should be confirmed with LC/MS.

Interpreting results

Both positive and negative test results are important to ensure the patient is not underusing or overusing the medication as well as mixing other medications that can lead to serious side effects and even fatality. Since controlled substances cannot be purchased over the counter, they have high street value and it is the physicians responsibility to determine whether patients are compliant with their medication regime or if they are diverting them for financial gain.

Reasons to perform urine drug testing:
  • To ensure effective patient treatment
  • The Federation of the State Medical Boards recommends a urine drug screen when prescribing contolled substances in the medical office
  • The American Pain Society recommends regular and periodic use of urine drug testing as a component of treatment.
  • The American Pain Society recommends urine drug testing to monitor patient adherence to prescribed treatments.
  • Provides physicians objective means to assess patients for addiction
  • Protecting yourself and your practice from medical legal obstacles.
When to use urine drug testing:
  • The intake visit
  • When prescribing controlled substances
  • Quarterly or semi-annual testing for established pain patients
  • Addiction tendencies: running out of medications early
  • Adding or changing pain medications
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Previous positive UDT results for illicit or nonprescription drugs

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